Geocentric Adjective


Furthermore, the exact substitute of the equant by two epicycles used by Copernicus within the Commentariolus was present in an earlier work by Ibn al-Shatir (d. c. 1375) of Damascus. Copernicus’ lunar and Mercury fashions are also identical to Ibn al-Shatir’s. The arguments and evidence used resemble these utilized by Copernicus to help the Earth’s motion. The criticism of Ptolemy as developed by Averroes and by the Maragha school explicitly address the Earth’s rotation but it didn’t arrive at explicit heliocentrism.

This principle has its origins in primitive occasions before Christ in Ancient Greece and is influenced by the religious support of that time. An ancient astronomer who codified the Greek ~ view of the universe via his study of eccentric circles.

For this reason, the Church compelled him to surrender his theories and imposed a home arrest for life, as a punishment. He proposed a mannequin that preserved the … Read More