The sound waves may cause liquid-crammed sections of the ear to swell, which can result in vertigo and tinnitus. Therefore, younger persons are able to hearing sound waves that older ones cant.

The sound waves are able to altering sensory cells in your ears and their sensitivity. Infrasonic waves can subconsciously cause to listen to certain noises when there is no audible noise.

To decide auditory sensitivity thresholds, a sure frequency of sound is presented at various intensities to see at which depth the stimulus ceases to evoke a response. The auditory sensitivity curve of this particular elephant started at 16 Hz with a threshold of 65 dB. A shallow slope decreased to one of the best response at 1 kHz with a threshold of 8 dB, followed by a steep threshold enhance above four kHz. According to the 60 dB minimize-off, the higher limit was 10.5 kHz with absolutely … Read More