Coronavirus Social Distancing May Be Reducing Infrasound


This was why he noticed a ghostly figure — it was an optical phantasm caused by his eyeballs resonating. The room was exactly half a wavelength in size, and the desk was within the centre, thus inflicting astanding wavewhich was detected by the foil. Scientists even have developed infrasound detectors that could probably be used as warning techniques for avalanches, earthquakes, and different phenomena.

The radio engineer all of a sudden heard a crackling sound “from everywhere”, was unable to transmit any signal energy, felt fully electrified, smelled ozone in all places, and heard the “crackling” sound. Numerous witnesses who saw the occasion, describing the colored column of sunshine which suffused the tower, feared he might need been killed by its power. The opposing nations of the Cold War years used barometers and seismographs in figuring out the relative explosive yield of periodic underground atomic blasts. Sensitive barometric detection gradually … Read More