The Wobbling Shadow Of The M87* Black Hole

black hole

This is an artist’s impression of what “toddler” planets seem like forming around a young star. An image of the Wild Duck Cluster, the place every star is roughly 250 million years old. This mosaic picture of asteroid Bennu is composed of 12 PolyCam images collected on December 2 by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft from a spread of 15 miles. An illustration depicts the detection of a repeating fast radio burst from a mysterious supply three billion gentle-years from Earth. This is an artist’s idea of the tiny moon Hippocamp that was discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Developing new, sophisticated algorithms was an important a part of turning the EHT knowledge into an image. These needed to not only mix the information but also filter out noise caused by factors like atmospheric humidity, which warps radio waves, and exactly synchronising the signals captured by the far-flung telescopes.

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